About Us

CRAIN 1 is Passionate About Your Success

When asked what separates Crain 1 from other lead generation companies, Founder/CEO Thomas Crain said, “I care that my clients are equipped with products that cause success.  I’m not here to simply sell solar leads or appointments to solar specialists and hope they win. I supply solar experts with sincerely interested homeowners who want to hear more about solar and I stand behind my products with iron-clad guarantees.”

Excellence is the Heart of CRAIN 1

Integrity and excellence are two words that describe the Crain 1 core philosophy. Where excellence and integrity are present, success is bound to follow.
We at Crain 1 have found the necessity to bring products of excellence to market that will cause skilled solar experts to make positive ROI in a short time.

Durable Dependability

Crain 1 is a trusted solar lead provider. You can depend on us to deliver quality and excellence. Our goal is not to facilitate one order and then disappear. We are dedicated to skilled solar specialists and companies nationwide and we are here for the long term.

Should we fail, we promise to fix whatever problems arise. You can depend on Crain 1 to good business and to consult your firm into the next dimension of pinnacled success.

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Why Choose Us


High Quality Appointments & Leads

All customers have indicated they are interested in more information on going solar. We guarantee all appointments and we're here to support you all the way.


Outstanding Communication

Excellent communication is needed for any relationship. We care for your success and we will do everything we can to scale your campaign. Your success is our success.


TCPA Compliant

Crain 1 and our partners are diligent on maintaining TCPA compliance, through the use of landing pages, obeying the TSR and making sure the client understands that solar is not free.


We serve all 50 states

Crain 1 generates guaranteed solar appointments and leads in every state that has solar. You then can rest assured that when you want to expand, we can assist you every area you wish to expand into.


Expert sales consultants

As a bonus to your purchase, you receive complimentary consulting services from Mr. Crain. He has over thirty years of sales and marketing experience that can help you navigate the treacherous waters of business.


30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Crain 1 offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, from the date we start. Once a refund has been requested, we will process your refund inside ten (10) business days.