Solar Lead Generation

Have you lately spent countless hours calling through deadbeat leads, where no one answers or they have no clue why you’re calling? Did your lead provider say the leads were exclusive, but the homeowners keep telling you that you’re the 15th caller of the day?

Are you feeling like your solar prospects are avoiding you, chuckling with hysteria? (The Noid comes to mind) You’re frustrated and want to scream at people: “Don’t you know I have a quota to meet and I need to make a living?”

Are you fed up with door knocking and you know there’s a better way to make solar sales?

Do you daydream about having qualified, interested prospects that appear on your calendar, where you simply show up, present and build out your proposal?

Daydreams come true with Crain 1.

Exclusive, Guaranteed In-Home/Virtual
Solar Appointments


Exclusive means that we do not sell our solar appointments multiple times. Once we generate an appointment for you, we do not sell that appointment again. Please keep in mind that customers sometimes fill in a few forms before getting to us and to you. Don’t worry, our skilled solar advisors find success and you will too.

Guaranteed means that you, our valued client, must sit with the prospect for the appointment to be counted as billable. “Sit” means that you met at the homeowner’s property as an in-home appointment, via Zoom or by phone and were able to pitch the homeowner on your solar services. Talk about cherry picking!

Guaranteed also means that these key solar filters must be met or we will replace the appointment – at no charge.

Key Solar Filters

  • Homeowner(s)
  • Single family home
  • $100+ electricity bill
  • 650+ in credit score (it’s what customers have told us) – We have no way to verify
  • Limited/no shade on roof
  • Homeowner(s) are genuinely interested in speaking to a solar advisor to answer their questions

    The Guaranteed In-Home/Virtual Solar Appointments are Crain 1’s best value!
If you or your team would be interested in non-guaranteed appointments or leads, please reach out to us today. We’ll take care of you.

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